Meet Susan Lindeque

Susan Lindeque Leading Your Business Into The Future

Susan is the founder and CEO of Avestix Group. She is a Chartered Accountant with more than 34 years of experience in the finance industry and worked for Multiple International Companies as Chief Financial Officer.

Susan founded Avestix to identify large-scale investment opportunities with a sole focus of asset value creation by applying an open investment mandate to invest in any industry, in public or private companies, with controlling or non-controlling interest, short- or long terms, debt or equity at any point in the economic cycle.

She is responsible for the Group Strategy and oversees all asset management investment decisions. She is also responsible for a private real estate investment management company that acquires and manages real estate.

Her guiding principle is what Avestix is built on: transparency, alignment, and trust.

She also firmly believes in fostering strong client relationships.


Susan is a person of utmost integrity, with an outstanding work ethic and a vast capacity for managing complex and varied projects across property development, finance, and new technologies, particularly in the blockchain space. She has created opportunities and traction around innovation and shown leadership, the strength of character, and depth of knowledge across industries in the development of the Avestix brand.

She is an exemplary person who is kind, compassionate, and with a heart for humanity and for creating a better world for all.

Ginny Daniels

“Susan is the most intelligent businesswoman I know, with a work ethic like no other. She is completely trustworthy, dependable, responsible, and always holds herself accountable. Susan’s professional acumen ensures she is successful in everything she does, and Susan will always see any project she undertakes to completion. Susan has an abundance of skills some of which are asset management in public stock markets, commercial property investors, blockchain and crypto investors, and more.

Susan’s enthusiasm attracts people to her, she is a born leader and easily fills that role.”

Lorraine Bryant

“I have been investing in Susan Lindeque’s real estate projects and have found her to be
an intelligent and inspirational person. Our return on investment grew to 20% IRR, making her an extremely competent wealth creator.
Susan has been transparent and honest throughout our journey together.

Susan’s intelligence and can-do mindset are extremely inspiring, and she has influenced me greatly in my mindset and dealings with others”

Louise Marron

I have had the pleasure of working with Susan for the last 6 years with regard several different projects. During this time, I have gained a great appreciation for her knowledge of the commercial real estate process, right from sourcing suitable projects, financing, and ultimately right through to construction, property management, and sales.
I consider myself to be reasonably knowledgeable with regard to finance and investments, but in comparison to Susan, I am a novice.

Susan has shown herself to be a wealth of knowledge on a very broad range of financial instruments, including blockchain, cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding, and development financing, just to name a few.

Peter Cook