Avestix Global Equity Fund

Avestix Invests Across Sectors, Geographies, and Market Caps, Seeking to Identify Companies Missed by Traditional Sector based Strategies

AIEF - Avestix Global Equity Fund

Fund Description and Objective

Avestix believes that we are in the early stages of significant disruptions and paradigm shifts due to the rapid advancements in technologies,
enabling new products or services that will change the way the world works.

Avestix can potentially pre-empt the change by targeting Sector Disruptors that are well-positioned to be a step ahead and by
developing transformational technologies.

Avestix Global Equity Fund seeks to invest in disruptive innovation in Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Tech and Robotics, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Quantum Computers and Next-Generation Internet.

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Summary of Terms

  • Launch: January 2022
  • Minimum Investment: $100,000
  • Investor Type: Accredited Investors
  • Management Fee: 2% Of Committed Capital Annually
  • Performance Fee: 20% 


To qualify for access, you will need to answer some questions and provide verifiable documentation.


Why Invest In Avestix Global Equity Fund?

Thinking Independently

It would be easy to follow the crowd but, not only does that go against our approach, but we also believe many funds are out of touch. In a rapidly evolving world, we’re looking towards the future, fully aware that many current “stable” companies will not be around forever.

Multiple Avenues for Capital Appreciation

Capital appreciation is a byproduct of cheap investing, but dividends will be the sole goal of income for the fund so that we can buy more cheap companies with the constant cash flow.

Actively Different

This highly concentrated portfolio will outperform the benchmark by far due to the fact that we understand which companies will never be around ever again. Think big tech. Think reform. Our team is patient and diverse in opinions, and above all, we don’t invest unless there is a huge competitive advantage and margin of safety for the fund.

Various Approaches to Investing

Our Margin of Safety approach is where we get two for the price of one. At the end of the day your money needs to work for you, so it’s best to find the deals that offer the most value and, in turn, the most appreciation.

Avestix is analyzing the disruption and seizes the opportunity

Avestix believe that we are at a paradigm shift due to technology and innovation and that the ultimate opportunities are going to be huge.


  • Hand-Picked

    We only “handpick” a small quantity of high-performance stocks in terms of growth, diversification and dividends.

  • Seize the Opportunities

    Our focus is to seize the opportunity due to the paradigm shift that is currently occurring, which will deliver high-performance and growth.

  • Expertise

    Our highly specialized team leverages their global insights and industry relationships by investing in new technologies and innovation.