Avestix Invests Across Sectors, Geographies, And Market Caps, Seeking
To Identify Companies Missed By Traditional Sector-based Strategies

Why Invest In Avestix Blockchain Fund?

Thinking Networks

Networks are growing larger and larger, therefore scalability is needed, but more so, faster speed transactions. Investing into networks that scale and are fast will allow our world to grow.

Actively Different

This highly concentrated portfolio will outperform every benchmark ever set. This fund is the funds of all funds, it is the new beginning of a new world that is about to take off. Due to the open source characteristics of these networks, it has been kept away from the banks and large institutions, as to not hoard everything and leave nothing for the retail investors. This is our gateway opportunity.

Multiple Avenues for Capital Appreciation

Capital appreciation is a byproduct of investing into these networks, but more importantly it is the future we are investing into that will be around for the next 50 years. We are so early.

Various Approaches to Investing

Our Margin of Safety approach is all buy cheap, we hope this fund closes end of March there is no room for time wasting, once this pops it will never return to the price, we purchase it. Once Institutions are free to invest, the average joe will never see these prices again.

Avestix is analyzing the disruption and seizes the opportunity

Avestix believe that we are at a paradigm shift due to technology and innovation and that the ultimate opportunities are going to be huge.


  • Hand-Picked
    We only “handpick” a small quantity of high-performance stocks in terms of growth, diversification and dividends.
  • Seize the Opportunities
    Our focus is to seize the opportunity due to the paradigm shift that is currently occurring, which will deliver high-performance and growth.
  • Expertise
    Our highly specialized team leverages their global insights and industry relationships by investing in new technologies and innovation.