About Us


Susan Lindeque

Susan is the founder and CEO of Avestix Group. She is a Chartered Accountant with more than 34 years of experience in the finance industry and worked for Multiple International Companies as Chief Financial Officer.

Susan founded Avestix to identify large-scale investment opportunities with a sole focus of asset value creation by applying an open investment mandate to invest in any industry, in public or private companies, with controlling or non-controlling interest, short- or long terms, debt or equity at any point in the economic cycle.

She is responsible for the Group Strategy and oversees all asset management investment decisions. She is also responsible for a private real estate investment management company that acquires and manages real estate.

Her guidance principle is what Avestix is built on: transparency, alignment, and trust.

She also firmly believes in fostering strong client relationships.

Executive Team

Ruan Lindeque

Global Head - Chief Investment Officer

Ruan is the Global Head – Chief Investment Officer responsible for overseeing all portfolios of listed and unlisted debt and equities on global markets, including equities, alternative assets and crypto.

Ruan has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Business with extensive experience in investing and portfolio management with a special interest in global macroeconomics, geopolitics, the future, monetary systems, global finance, currencies, and financial markets.

His motto is to exceed client investment expectations, which is the true measurement of success.

George Barkhuizen

Global Head - Legal & Compliance

George is the Global Head – Legal & Compliance with a Bachelor of Law degree and over 37 years of experience in acquisitions, joint ventures, securities, and real estate across industries, including middle-market as well as emerging markets.

He is responsible for providing a full range of regulatory, compliance, and legal advice to Avestix on all business matters.

George’s guiding principle is to be always independent and impartial and to continue striving to foster a culture of awareness and tolerance at Avestix.

Rocco Lindeque

Global Head – Market Research & Product Development

Rocco is the Global Head – Market Research & Product Development.

He manages the market research and product development team that seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the convergence and market potential across various sectors and industries that will allow for more investment opportunities in the future.

Rocco’s guiding principle is to always stay creative, curious, and dynamic and apply his analytical mind to seize the best opportunities.

Len Lindeque

Global Head – Real Estate Services

Len Lindeque has over 35 years of experience in leadership, strategic thinking, and communication skills. Len manages a market research and product development team that seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the convergence and market potential across various sectors and industries to identify investment opportunities in the future.

He is committed to staying creative, curious, and dynamic, and applying his analytical mind to seize the best opportunities. With his strong leadership skills, strategic thinking, and customer-focused approach, Len is dedicated to ensuring that the organization’s real estate operations are efficient, effective, and aligned with Avestix’s strategic goals and objectives.

Erica Barkhuizen

Research Associate

Erica joined Avestix as a Research Associate.

Her role involves supporting research and product development performing due diligence and data analytics.

Erica’s research focuses on the rapidly evolving blockchain/ecosystem and decentralized finance ensuring it suits Avestix’s company’s metrics and complements our company’s vision and path moving forward.

Her guiding principles are honesty, flexibility, and meticulousness to enable her to provide excellent communication and build trusted relationships.

About Avestix

Avestix is not your traditional asset manager. We strongly believe in innovation and we believe innovation is the key to growth and sustainability.

We have a strong focus on Environmental Sustainability and Governance (ESG) for Impact Investing. Our commitment is to seize the opportunity and invest when others don’t.

We see ourselves as true partners sharing the risk with skin in the game and we operate on a basis of transparency, alignment, and trust.

“Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” — Warren Buffet

Avestix Values

We are committed to adhering to our principles every second of the day

  • Compassion
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Innovation
  • Transparent